Record numbers of EU Students enrolled at UK Institutions

Good news or bad? The increase in EU students in the UK helps boost rental income to private rented sector PRS student landlords. However, its bad news long term if the UK continues to hemorrhage money within higher education system with unpaid student loans.

As the article from the Mail suggest :

132,000 students from EU enrolled at UK institutions last year – an 18% rise

Biggest jump in applications came from Romania with a 28% increase

Government money handed to EU students has topped £100m for first time

Graduates eligible to repay their loans are failing to hand back nearly £50m

Number of EU students in Britain is at a record high – and we lend them £100million to pay their fees

More than 132,000 students from mainland Europe enrolled at UK institutions last year, a rise of 18 per cent since 2008.

Full Story:–lend-100million-pay-fees.html



Loraine Marshall: Business owner & manager student accommodation and property management.

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