Investing in property : Investing in Student property

If you have any questions or need advice on any aspect of Student HMO Investing,  Letting or Management then we will be happy for you to contact us.

Nine years of experience means we understand what it takes to market, let and manage a student property.
From one bedroom flats to 8 bedroom HMOs we can market your property free of charge as long as all aspects of the marketing compliance and safety requirements are in place eg gas electrical and EPC certificates, where applicable HMO license, fire and smoke detection, fire doors & thumbturn euro locks.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are the main legal requirements when letting a property?

All furniture & soft furnishing you provide comply with fire safety rating regulations.

There is a valid Gas safety certificate, and you can provide an Energy Performance Certificate to prospective tenants.

To protect any deposit taken with one of the tenancy deposit schemes within 14 days of receipt of deposit monies, and provide the tenants with the prescribed information telling them how their deposit is protected.

To arrange or have in place Landlord Insurance, to have informed your lender that you are intending to let the property if you do not already have a buy to let mortgage.

For HMO’s Houses in Multiple Occupation – shared student houses with three or more tenants, this includes non licensed and licensed properties.

You require a smoke detection system that is hard wired to the mains, or an LD3 grade system, fire blanket and small extinguisher in the kitchen, for all unlicensed houses.

Allow for Inspections by Local Authority under HHSR Homes Health and Safety Rating System.

For fully licensed HMO’s with 5 or more tenants and 3 or more storeys.
A fully equipped Fire alarm and smoke detection system, Emergency lights, and Fire doors with door closers. Fire fighting equipment on all floors.  A fire alarm service test is required on a regular basis.

Certificates of annual service for Alarms, lights and fire fighting equipment.

A valid periodic electrical installation report.

  • Why do I need an Inventory?

An inventory provides you with a detailed schedule of the condition and contents of your property at the start of a tenancy.

The report provides useful evidence in the event of damages that may occur during the tenancy.

The report can be used in the event of a dispute over the amount of deductions against a tenants deposit and will be required in the event of a dispute resolution.

  • Should I use a Guarantor?

Where possible it is best to have a guarantor who is a parent or relative of the student.  This is done as standard when students book properties through Student Rooms on line systems.
  • Do I need to take deposits ?

The deposit legislation has been in force from 2007, there have been a number of cases involving landlords and letting agents who have fell foul of this legislation.  If you are taking any money that will be  held to offset against damages or unpaid rent then whatever you say it is,  advance rent,  holding fees or insurance bond then it will be deemed to be a deposit.  If you fail to protect a deposit in one of the approved schemes then you could become liable to repay three times the deposit amount to the tenant.

We can help you to Market your Student Houses

Re-marketing starts as early as mid November and no later than January each year, don’t be left with an empty student house in September.


Let us help you and you can relax while we market your property and find you tenants.

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